Friends of the Arboretum (FOA)

Support the University of Wisconsin, Madison Arboretum

Proceeds from the Native Plant Sale and Luncheon-Lectures help FOA support the UW-Madison Arboretum’s work and mission.

Visit this site in early 2023 to shop for plants on-line. Plan to visit us in May of 2023 when the Native Plant Sale in the Tent returns!

The Native Plant Sale will be back in the tent in 2023!

Save the date!

In-tent sale is on May 20th, 2023

Early shopping for Friends at 9am; general public from 10am until plants sell out

In-tent offerings will include a wider variety of species, available as individual plants. We will also offer our popular garden mixes (for rain gardens, savanna gardens, monarch butterflies, or hummingbirds) in the tent! Note: trees and shrubs this year are only available online, not at the tent sale.

The tent sale will be located on the Arboretum Lawn

On-line ordering is now open until March 15, 2023.


  • Trees and shrubs will be picked up curbside at McKay Garden Center in Oregon, WI, in May. Bear in mind that some of these are in large (5-gallon) pots, or more than 4 feet tall, and may need a larger vehicle for pickup.
  • Trays and pots of wildflowers and/or grasses will be picked up curbside at the Arboretum the week of May 15.  

For general information about the Native Plant Sale, go to

A walk-in, browse tent sale is planned for May 20th at the Arboretum. Questions? Please email