Campanula americana – Tall bellflower info sheet

COMMON NAME: Tall bellflower, American bellflower

SCIENTIFIC NAME: Campanula Americana – This name comes from the Latin campana meaning “little bell.”

FLOWER: Blue with white center. Flat, rather than bell-shaped.

BLOOMING PERIOD: July to September

SIZE: 3 to 6 feet

BEHAVIOR: Annual or biennial; self-sows freely

SITE REQUIREMENTS: Partial to light shade; consistent moisture; medium to rich soil. Bellflowers are found along streambanks and in moist woods.

NATURAL RANGE: Eastern US and Canada. In Wisconsin it is especially common in all the southern counties. It is also growing in much of northern Wisconsin, both northwest and northeast.

SPECIAL FEATURES: Flowering stalk is tall and unbranched. It has a milky juice. The flowers are stemless, growing in axils of bracts.

SUGGESTED CARE: Needs constant moisture. Do not let the soil dry out between waterings.

COMPANION PLANTS: Cardinal flower, marsh marigold, green dragon, Pennsylvania sedge, cutleaf coneflower, arrowleaf aster, wild geranium, Short’s aster, bellword, Solomon’s plume.