Elymus hystrix – Bottlebrush Grass

COMMON NAME: Bottlebrush Grass
SCIENTIFIC NAME: Elymus hystrix – the Greek hystrix means hedgehog (porcupine)
in reference to the seed head bristles. A previous scientific name was hystrix patula.
FLOWER COLOR: Green, maturing to brown
SIZE: 2 ½ to 5 feet tall
BEHAVIOR: This plant forms loose upright tufts of narrow-bladed, rough-textured,
medium green leaves up to 12 inches long. The flower heads rise well above the
SITE REQUIREMENTS: Mesic deciduous woodlands, rocky upland woodlands,
borders, meadows in wooded areas, savannas, and rocky glades. Plant in full sun or
part shade.
SPECIAL FEATURES: The bottlebrush-shape of the floral spike is distinctive.
SUGGESTED CARE: Plant in clumps. After that little care is needed.
NATURAL RANGE: Eastern half of US and Canada except for Florida and Texas.
Occurs in all Wisconsin counties.