Liatris ligulistylis – Meadow Blazing Star

COMMON NAME:  Meadow Blazing Star, Meadow Gayfeather, Showy Blazing Star

SCIENTIFIC NAME:  Liatris has come to mean joy, happiness and bliss.  For that reason flowers in this family are recommended for anniversaries and Valentine bouquets.

FLOWER:  A spike-like cluster of 3 – 10 heads of pink to purple disk flowers.  They bloom all at once, but last a long time.

BLOOMING PERIOD:  August to September

SIZE:  3 to 5 feet tall in areas with good soil; 2 ft. tall on rocky slopes near streams.

BEHAVIOR:  Leaves are simple, alternate, 3 to 10 inches long and covered with short hairs,  The stems are unbranched, often reddish. 

SITE REQUIREMENTS: Medium moisture in prairies, meadows, streambanks with full sun.Dane 

NATURAL RANGE:  Northern plains from Wisconsin to Montana, south to Illinois, Missouri, Colorado.  Also Alberta and Manitoba in Canada.  This is native to Dane County and many other Wisconsin counties, but not all.

SPECIAL FEATURES:  This is an ultimate Monarch butterfly magnet.  The height makes it easy for butterflies and for humans to watch!   After blooming seed heads form that finches love. 

SUGGESTED CARE:   Small plants may not bloom the first year.  After it is well established clumps may be divided in the spring with a shovel or sharp knife. 

COMPANION PLANTS:  Showy beardtongue,  button blazing star, prairie blazing star, coneflowers, mountain mint and milkweeds.