Carex pensylvanica – No-Mow Lawn/Pennsylvania Sedge


1/2 flat of plants in 2.5″ pots; curbside pickup at Arboretum in early June.

Full flat of plants in deep plugs; curbside pickup at the Arboretum in early June.

Plant height: 8″



This fine grasslike plant does well in sun or shade, in a variety of soils – best in light shade and well-drained soil. Plant it under a small tree, and it will not be shaded out as the tree grows! It spreads gently by rhizomes and by seed to form a meadowy carpet that tolerates light foot traffic. Though it will reach only 6″-12″ in height, it can be mowed once or twice a year if you wish a more manicured appearance

Photo credit: Krzysztof Ziarnek, Kenraiz (CC BY-SA)

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