Cephalanthus occidentalis – Buttonbush


One 3-gallon pot curbside at WinterLand Nursery in Oregon, WI.


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This four-season shrub grows in moist, hummusy soils in full sun to part shade. Grows very well in wet soils, including flood conditions and shallow standing water. It provides essential food to bees, butterflies and other beneficial insects. Its year-round interest, low maintenance requirements and value to wildlife make this a winner in any garden! Fragrant, 1 inch wide white to pink flowers arrive in spring. These unique Flowers look like tiny pincushions and will bring lots of visual interest. A reddish-brown fruit follows in winter after the flowers fade, which birds love! Mature size is around 6-12′ tall x 4-7′ wide.

Photo credit: McKay Nursery